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Hi all,

Welcome to my site. For those of you that don't know me ~ I'm Maggie Harlow ~ also known as Michael Buono's mom.

I've been in the photofinishing/photography business since the early eighty's. I started shooting games to capture my son, only to find I really enjoy the challenge of sports photography.

I tend to follow the ball with my lens.. at times it takes a moment for the lens to catch up to the play. If the image is slightly out of focus - I post it anyway - many times it's an integral part of the play. But please note: the images print out just as you see it (with the exception of the watermark - that disappears if purchased).

So, stay awhile ~ take a look ~ you can purchase directly from this site.

Guys.... Do yourself a favor & get some printed somewhere... Don't let these beautiful shots of you guys sit in some electronic device somewhere...because once that device dies - crashes - becomes old and replaced - or lost - so will your photos!

The only way to truly save a photograph is to get it printed! (Actually the bigger the print ~ the better! My print size of choice is 12X18).

I prefer matte or lustre finishes & my new favorite are metallic prints ~ I highly recommend them!

Maggie Harlow


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